The Rain Diary

by The Melman

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released October 25, 2013



all rights reserved


The Melman UK

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Track Name: Out There in the World
Out there in the snow
She’s covered in the rain of old
Just waiting for someone
To hold her in his caviar arms

And take away the pain
Her sugar-daddy Novocaine
Some diamonds and pearls
Because she deserves the world
(She do, more than she knows)

Alone in the dark
There are monsters here
They all driving past
They don’t seem to care
Oh no

Out there in the world
She’s sleeping in her own remains
In puddles on the floor
And breathing in her spare cocaine
(Her head in a cloud)

I think I’m better off gone, I really do
Standing by the bridge lose a high-heeled shoe
To the cold water, with tears in my eyes
Daddy I’m sorry always told you in mind
But when it gets crazy, crazy materialise
I’ve been working on these streets since I ran out of your life
But, now my mind is gone gone
Now my mind is gone gone (x3)
Track Name: It's Lonely in the World Tonight
It’s cold in the city, so I kick hard to keep busy,
Ain’t nobody stare ain’t nobody care, they’re all in their heads, too busy
I’ve been waiting for this train long,
Station signs tell me I’m on the wrong platform
I don’t even care; don’t know why I’m here and why for
I sleep while she’s sitting; she says she’s not here from the city,
Came to see her kid, coz of where she lives, she says it gets real lonely
She thought it perfect when she married young,
Now she is always travelling alone
I can see her tears, pretending I don’t hear, I just turn my head
And watch the rain fall

It’s lonely in the world tonight
It’s lonely in the world tonight
It’s lonely in the world tonight
It’s lonely in the world tonight

The church is so quiet, for a man who lived like a riot
They all knew his name, but nobody came
Widow on the back seat smiling
He put his hand on her too many times
Till she was shattered pieces all inside
Now she thinks she’s free, till the day she sees, all that she could be
Is lonely

When we’re lonely, where do we go from here? How do we fall asleep? When we’re lonely, how do we turn the world from grey to blue again? It seems everything seems to get darker, nothing glows anymore. So I hope wherever you are, you’re thinking of me, coz I’m thinking of you.
Track Name: The Beach
We open eyes to a place where all the showers, they circle down
See finding love was always hard, but tonight we got it, tonight we got it right
Read the waves, and watch them break, we’ve got our love locked in this place
And I feel you take my hand, in this sea of sand
You whisper to me dear, whisper in my ear…

That if this is a dream, let’s keep sleeping
Till morning comes, I’m in your arms
And we’re lying on the streets, barely breathing
And all alone, so far from home

See too much love can break a heart, and too much pain can hurt a life
We had it all, but we let it go
And now we’re left just swimming alone…

In paradise undone, till morning
And we open eyes, to brand old lives
And we’re living in the grey, barely breathing
And all alone, still missing home

Moonlight trails
Singing whales
It’s a perfect paradise, and it’s hidden in the trees of life
Why won’t we see?
That it’s a perfect paradise and it’s hidden in the trees of life
It’s hidden in the trees, of life

Why won’t we see? (repeat)
That it’s a perfect paradise and it’s hidden in the trees of life